Monday, December 5, 2011


First off want to apologize for not posting; for those who have tried to follow me; will know that I work full-time and attended classes full-time.. Anyway in a previous post I mentioned my concern about my employer laying people off and then it did not happen....Well it looks like the organization I work for has kind of taken things for the worse... They are such to be purchased by a different organization but are meeting resistance from people in the city and city council who oppose the transition. According to the company newsletter, if the sale does not go through, the organization will be forced to close.. There is no definitive answer yet but I am a bit concerned...

Sure I will be able to collect up to about two years but my concern is not getting hired..About a month ago I went for an interview with an import/export company and just when I thought that I would be called in for a second interview, they put a hiring freeze on the position.... At the same time I received more bad news. I did not score high enough on a test for a government position.

I am going to do my best and keep marching on as best as I can. Maybe a new door will open up for me once I finish in May 2012 with my bachelors degree.

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